Board Positions and Roles

League Directors  Baseball: T-Ball, A, AA, AAA, Majors, Seniors | Softball: Minors Softball, Majors Softball, Seniors Softball

  • Help assign volunteers to be managers on each of the teams in the league.  Recruit additional managers and assistant coaches within the league as needed.
  • Organize player assessments and work with managers in league to assess the players in the league.  League director and managers then form teams of relative equal ability.
  • Distribute keys, locks and team uniforms to coaches in the league.  Forward information as needed concerning schedules, Opening Day, clinics, team photos etc.
  • Help answer questions and/or complaints from parents, coaches and players within the league.  Bring any major issues to BBSA Commissioner for assistance if needed.
  • Assist in defining and communicate league rules.
  • Work with Equipment Manager pre/post/during the season to ensure teams are properly equipped and equipment replaced as needed.

Club Teams Director

  • Help coordinate logistics for Bangkok teams for SEAYBST tournament and other tournaments during the travel season (ie. Christmas Classic, Turkey Tournament, etc).  Needs to have good organizational and email communication skills.
  • Seek nominations for Travel Team coaches and bring list for vote at BBSA Board meeting.
  • Provide tournament information from host country to SEAYBST coaches, parents and players regarding hotels, buses, player eligibility, rules and SEAYBST schedules.
  • Attend Directors meetings and work with Directors from Perth, Singapore, Manila and Jakarta to determine SEAYBST tournament schedule and vote on rules changes as needed.
  • Works with BBSA Treasurer to account for SEAYBST sponsorships and dues.

Umpire Director

  • Recruit and insure proper training and equipment for umpires in the league.
  • Notify umpires of dates and time for game schedule.
  • Make sure umpires and student umpires are paid in a timely fashion.
  • Assist umpires with rule disputes
  • Having Thai language skills are incredibly helpful in fulfilling this role or ability to delegate to someone with Thai Language

Downtown Practice (@ NIST) Coordinator

  • Coordinates booking of and payment for the NIST practice field
  • Helps downtown coaches and players establish practice time
  • Helps arrange for BBSA equipment to be delivered and stored at NIST facility


  • Works with ISB CAO and any other school facilities in coordinating BBSA filed times for practices, games, and opening day.
  • Attends ISB CAO scheduling meetings to ensure BBSA has field representation and access to fields for use; may include meetings at other schools/facilities.
  • Coordinates with BBSA board on scheduling and potential issues.

Equipment Manager

  • Works with Sponsorship Director, League Directors, ISB CAO representative Khun Fon to organize uniform design and order for BBSA teams.  Ensures sponsor logos and appropriate number of uniforms are ordered and distributed to League Directors by Opening Day.
  • Works with League Directors and Commissioner to order new equipment for BBSA and Travel Teams as needed. Coordinates with ISB for BBSA equipment order and delivery for the yearly sports equipment orders.
  • Keeps inventory of existing equipment and works with League Directors and Commissioner to determine removal of old/damaged equipment.
  • Coordinate with photographer to organize team picture day and distribution of team pictures to coaches.
  • Coordinate with League Director and Commissioner of ordering team awards.


  • Taking and distributing minutes at BBSA Board meetings
  • Making a list action items of each board member and distributing these within a week after each Board meeting
  • Coordinating with the ISB CAO Office (Kellie/Khun Fon/Khun Venus) on updates to BBSA information pages in the ISB CAO portal
  • Coordinating and updating the BBSA maintained webpages at
  • Preparing the new BBSA calendar in April each year to be included with the ISB Community calendar
  • Coordinating BBSAss attendance and booth presentation at the August ISB Community Activity Day including recruiting volunteers at the BBSA table.  This may also include other schools as well.

Sponsorship Director

  • Responsible to work with current BBSA sponsors and/or recruit additional sponsors as needed to help support the BBSA league.
  • Make sure each sponsor fills out the sponsorship form and determine sponsorship level, preferred baseball team, and sponsor logos for uniform and banners.
  • Provide and distribute to each sponsor a plaque with photo of their sponsored team.
  • Provide feedback from sponsors to help insure sponsors have a positive relationship with BBSA.
  • Works with BBSA Treasurer to ensure sponsorship dues are paid in a timely manner.
  • Works with Equipment Manager to insure proper team names and logos of sponsor are ready for uniform maker.


  • Maintain an accurate record of BBSA financial transactions.  Have BBSA financial balance available for each monthly meeting.
  • Responsible for payment of BBSA Board approved purchases.  Signature authority for payment of bills and miscellaneous expenses associated with BBSA.
  • Work with CAO secretary, Khun Fon, on payment of grounds crew, umpires and student umpires.
  • Work with Sponsorship Director to ensure sponsor BBSA dues and SEAYBST sponsorships are deposited in a timely fashion.
  • Work with registration coordinator to ensure timely deposit and refunds of BBSA dues as needed throughout the year.


Lead the BBSA Board of Directors including  Treasurer, Sponsorship Director, Travel Team Director, League Directors, Umpire Director,  Scheduler, Equipment Manager, CAO Coordinator, Downtown Practice Coordinator, Secretary.

  • Schedule and Facilitate Monthly Planning meetings from August through May.
  • Direction setting including registrar process, season planning (teams, schedule, ISB and NIST practices).  Ensure alignment and consensus among board members.
  • Oversee all the details and issues that can come up during a season with almost 30 teams and 350 kids. Role is more effective by delegating to League and Position Directors.
  • Work closely with Travel Team Director(s) to ensure competitive traveling teams are organized and properly equipped.
  • Work with NIST downtown  practice coordinator to insure facilities reserved and BBSA members have equipment and coaches.
  • Work closely with ISB Athletic Director and ISB softball coaches to ensure integration of BBSA, SEAYBST with ISB activities.
  • Work with ISB CAO Director as point of contact with other League Presidents  NBSL, NBBL, Swimming, Cub and Boy Scouts.  BBSA Commissioner will need to attend several meetings a year for planning and ISB CAO specific issues. (2 hours every 2-3 months)