2019/2020 Schedules are Up!

The 2019/2020 updated schedule has been posted.  (Practice and game schedules will be determined at a later date.)

See Schedules page for details.

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SEAYBST 2019 Results

First, BBSA would like to thank the Singapore teams at SAS for hosting this years SEAYBST tournament!  We all look forward to seeing everyone in Jakarta next year for the 2020 SEAYBST tournament!

U14 Baseball

The BBSA U14 team had some issues getting hits on the board during tournament play, however came back to a hard fought 5th place win against Dubai in the championships. 

U18 Baseball

The BBSA U18 team was represented by the ISB Varsity team this year.  They were just nudged out of the 1-2 tournament bracket and won against Perth to take 3rd in the championships.


The BBSA softball team was represented by ISB this year.  They placed 4th with a tough loss against Dubai in the championships.


Good job by all our baseball and softball participants!


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Good luck to our U14 and U18 teams traveling to the Singapore American School in Singapore for the 2019 SEAYBST tournament 27-30 March 2019!

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BBSA and Supporting Youth in Thailand

BBSA in support of youth baseball and softball in Thailand, donated a baseball gear bag and associated team equipment to an underprivileged youth program of 10-11 year olds  in Lopburi, Thailand.  Here’s hoping for them for a good baseball start!

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Reminder that this weekend; February 22 & 23 is Championship Weekend for the BBSA Divisional Program!  GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS!

Schedule Here

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All Activities for BBSA Canceled for Jan 31 & Feb 1 2019 due to Pollution Levels

Due to the increasing amounts of pollution in the Bangkok and greater area air; all Bangkok area schools have been ordered closed for 31 Jan and 1 Feb 2019.  With these closures come the cessation of BBSA activities at these school locations and others for Thursday 31 Jan & Firday 1 Feb as well.

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Air Pollution and Issues

With the increasing concerns of air quality here in Bangkok, BBSA maintains the following general guidelines:

At an AQI of over 200 measured at the play location, activities are canceled.

At anything below 200 AQI, it is the discretion of the league director in coordination with coaches and umpires to make a play determination or limit the number of innings played.

ISB has published their pollution monitoring station online now for all to view at:


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Championship Weekend Schedule

The schedule for the championship weekend has been posted here:

Game Schedules

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Christmas Tournament was a BASEBALL BLAST!

BBSA Travel Teams held a Christmas Tournament here in Bangkok 14-16 December. Great weather and ZERO rain helped the tournament run very smoothly.

Huge thanks to the players, parents, coaches, ISB Facilities, and most importantly, Harold Albert for making this a great tournament this year.


   U10 Philippine Archers
   U12 SAS Red Eagles
   U14 Bangkok


Again, big thanks to all the participants:


  • Bangkok
  • Philippine Archers
  • SAS Red Eagles
  • SAS White Eagles
  • Dubai Falcons
  • Hanoi Capitals


  • Bangkok
  • Philippine Archers
  • Arabian Knights
  • Dubai Falcons
  • SAS Red Eagles
  • SAS White Eagles
  • Hanoi Capitals


  • Bangkok
  • SAS Eagles
  • Baseball Club Singapore
  • Hanoi Capitals
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Great Turkey Tournament in Singapore

The BBSA U10 and U14 travel teams both took 3rd place in the Singapore Turkey Tournament.  Good work teams!

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