Program – Divisional

BBSA Divisional TEAMS: 2019 – 2020 Season

The BBSA Divisional teams contain the following Baseball Divisions:

  • T-Ball
  • Single A (A)
  • Double A (AA)
  • Triple A (AAA)
  • Majors
  • Seniors

The BBSA Divisional teams contain the following Softball Divisions:

  • Minors Softball
  • Majors Softball
  • Seniors Softball

Practice Information and Games

All teams generally practice one evening per week at ISB (and optional downtown practice at NIST, day pending, and potential Patana younger age practices as well).

Two games per weekend average and are held on some Friday evenings and every Saturday.


Player assessments will be held on Sunday November 4-7 at the ISB Fields.

Assessment sessions allow the coaches to create fair and balanced teams, and parents will be contacted about the specific time for their player assessment session.  Assessment sessions are NOT tryouts. All players will be placed on a team.

Age Group:

T-Ball Pre-K & K
A Ball
Grades 1 –  2
AA Grades 3 – 4
AAA Grades 5 – 6
Grade 7 – 8
Seniors Grade 9 – 12
Minors Softball Grade 1 – 4
Majors Softball Grade 5 – 8
Seniors Softball Grade 9 – 12

NOTE: These are “average” league grades and can be adjusted based on skill level.  This guide may also be adjusted to be age based at a later time.


11 November 2019 – 15 February 2020


Current fees per player are THB 3,600.

Registration fees will increase to THB 4,100 on November 12th so be sure to register prior to that date.


On the registration form you will also have an opportunity to volunteer to be a coach, assistant coach or team parent. Please consider helping out with your child’s team in some way. The kids really love having their parents helping out with their team and you will have a great time. No previous baseball experience is necessary.

If you have any questions, please email


Interested parents/players should email with questions or requests for any additional details.  Coach details will be listed on the Coach Listing page once coach selections are complete