SEAYBST 2019 Results

First, BBSA would like to thank the Singapore teams at SAS for hosting this years SEAYBST tournament!  We all look forward to seeing everyone in Jakarta next year for the 2020 SEAYBST tournament!

U14 Baseball

The BBSA U14 team had some issues getting hits on the board during tournament play, however came back to a hard fought 5th place win against Dubai in the championships. 

U18 Baseball

The BBSA U18 team was represented by the ISB Varsity team this year.  They were just nudged out of the 1-2 tournament bracket and won against Perth to take 3rd in the championships.


The BBSA softball team was represented by ISB this year.  They placed 4th with a tough loss against Dubai in the championships.


Good job by all our baseball and softball participants!


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